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They have coalesced the experiences of their successful productive basketball careers into this indepth studyof offensive basketball, and help you to pick the most effective winning offense. The pick and roll offense and its many variations are one of the most favourable plays currently being utilised around many of the worlds elite basketball competitions. It creates fantastic scoring opportunities out of a twoman game. The complete 32 offenses playbook is packed with killer plays, guaranteed to boost your offense and win more games for your team. In addition, here is a sample video of the international continuity pick and roll offense dvd by fran. This pick and roll offense can be extremely effective if you have 2 to 3 good ball handlers and 2 post players who have the ability to set good screens, roll to the basket, and finish at the goal. Transition offense flowing seamlessly into ball screen continuity lithuania yellow outside lanes for the wings. Simplified swing offense for high school basketball pg. Continuity offense sets and patterns for all levels and experiences of basketball. Instead of rolling toward the basket, however, the player setting the pick moves pops to an open area of the court to receive a pass from the ballhandler for a jump shot.

The offense is based upon repeated ball screens, dribble penetration and ball reversals. Flannerys zone dvd, showalters pick and roll offense, wes peeks stuff and coach petitgoues. This offense will rely on multiple on ball screens, dribble pentetration, and ball reversals forcing the defense to guard you on the hardest play in basketball which is the pick and roll. The pick and pop is an offensive play that is a derivative of the classic pick and roll. Your players shouldnt always feel pressure to attack off the pick and roll if its well defended. The mark few gonzaga university zags continuity offense is a pick and roll continuity offense with a few set plays, and some european flair. A ball screen continuity offense just means you get multiple opportunities to run a 2 man game pick and roll or pick and pop. The princeton continuity offense teamarete basketball. Its combination of possibilities in the twoman game, combined with some good offball movement is close to unguardable. Our guards are pretty proficient in making the proper read. The pick and roll offense is a highly popular style of play currently across the globe with many variations of the basic concept being developed and the horns series is just one of these examples. Decent amount of information here, he goes into some detail about different ball screen angles and also goes a bit into how you counter some of the way the defense will play you. The play starts with 1 passing the ball to high post position on the side where 2 is standing on the wing, then he curls around 3 at the other high post to fill the opposte wing.

If you cant get something out of the 2 man game, you can reset and run it on the other side because the offense is symmetrical and you can run it continuously on either side. This offense calls for repeated onball screens, dribble penetration, and ball reversals forcing the defense to guard the hardest play in basketball the pick and roll. Highpost pickandroll, 45 this is a simple high post pick and roll play where the pass goes to the player rolling off the screen. Continuity pick and roll offense by jerry petitgoue. This video is presented by coach nick at bballbreakdown.

This offense can be extremely effective if you have players who have the ability to set good screens, roll to the basket, and finish at the goal. It can be run out of a 122 stack, a 14 or a 23 set. Pick and roll offense using offball movement online. Slicecut continuity motion offense carves up defenses. Its everything you need to score more points in your half court offense and dominate your competition from motion offenses, to continuity offenses, to. Coach petitgoue teaches and demonstrates the movement patterns within his continuitybased pick and roll offensive scheme. Areas covered include man and zone plays, outofbounds plays, endline and sideline sets designed to score under different time situations and endofgame plays designed to score as well as get a 3point shot. Slice cut continuity motion offense carves up defenses from jeff huber, orange grove high school, texas this fouroption continuity motion offense that we call the slice cut has provided our team with excellent scoring opportunities against mantoman defense. This playoffense has continuity since in diagram f, we are back in the 14 high set. Ball screens and pick and roll action are the hardest things to guard.

Spread offense breakdown coachbase basketball drills and. Learn how to use the ball screen offense to create high percentage shots for your bigs and guards put pressure on your opponents defense and create mismatches utilize the pick and roll in your man and zone offense give your guards the freedom to use their creativity and take advantage of their skills with this ball screen pickandroll offense. For more info on the zags, look below the embedded pdf. Mark few is one of the best xs and os coaches in college game, and he will have his team executing at midseason form once their conference games start. Basketball offense 14 high offense, coachs clipboard. There are dvds with special plays for motion offenses, 4out 1in offense, 14 high offense, flex offense, pick and roll offense, and. Coach hal wissel covers the entire progression from fundamentals to team play needed to become a complete player. He has over 4500 other videos available on the bballbreakdown you tube channel. If youre interested in ball screen continuity offense for your team, this offense would be a great addition to your team. Flowing man to man offense that has two post players continuously setting ball screens for the wings. Billy donovan spread screen and roll opening thoughts. It is common to see elements of this offense at all levels of play the world over, but the basic flow has its roots abroad. Start with a pass from the guard to one of the forwards. As mentioned in the dvd, this is a continuity thats been used by the portland trail blazers.

The idea is to force defenses to guard the most difficult play in basketball the pick and roll. Basketball continuity offense sets basketball motion. Post x continuity zone offense zone offenses hoops u. The pick and roll is my favorite play in basketball bar none. Jerry petitgoue is the cuba city hs wi head boys basketball coach and has collected over 700 career wins. Reverse the ball and trust the motion to provide open shots. Continuity pick and roll offense on february 26, 2017. To challenge opposition defenders further this double onball screen play allows for a pick and roll tactic to be executed on one side of the floor before. Coach petitgoue will teach you the movement patterns to his continuitybased pick and roll offense. Here are a few quick hitting plays initiated by the dribble andor pickandroll. For footage of gonzagas five action within their bulldog series, click here.

I would have liked to see on court demonstrations of the breakdown shooting drills, but the pdf was easy enough to understand. For youth basketball, they help the players understand where and when to move. Spread offense breakdown used by oregon and oklahoma state. Continuity ballscreen offenses are a great way to build fluidity in your offensive attack. Comfortable clothes for your 6am workouts, 8pm practices, riding the bus or having a postgame beer. Simplified swing offense for high school basketball. The horns series offence is characterised by dual onball screens that make it a variation of a pick and roll offense. There are many dvds in the cp catalogue that teach a similar offense. Embedded below are a set of clinic notes from gonzaga head coach mark few. The post x continuity zone offense is a simple offense to run and is most effective against evenfront zones. Making good reads out of the pick and roll is the players.

The continuity offense can be run out of any number of sets including a 14, 23, or 122 stack. It creates great spacing for scoring opportunities to drive to the basket and also shooters around the perimeter. Functional basketball coaching pick and roll offense. Here are five popular ballscreen offenses with horns entries for each. Here he shows you an example of a quality pick and roll play. The top 25 plays of 2018 basics of the gonzaga bulldogs pick and roll continuity offense. The pick and roll also known as the screen and roll, onball screen, or ballscreen involves an offensive player setting a screen for a teammate in possession of the. I have been asked about this basic pick and roll continuity offense a. This article on the pick and roll offense has been excerpted with permission from dr. The euro ball screen offense is a popular continuity style offense featuring sidetoside ball movement, wing pickandrolls and highlow opportunities.

Chances are many readers run or have faced this offense in. Lets establish some base knowledge on how the pick and roll works with a simple breakdown before diving into much more detail. Pick and roll offense coachs clipboard basketball coaching. But if a defense gets a chance to load up and run the coverage of their choice, its to make things more difficult for you than they need to be. Continuity offenses are great for all levels of basketball. The top 25 plays of 2018 basics of the gonzaga bulldogs pickandroll continuity offense.

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