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Twelve interactive activities for learning about elections. The technologys ease of use and accessibility allows students to really take. The sample of the study consisted of the students in the 8d experimental group and 8h control group cohorts of the osman gazi middle school. For instance, elementary science has a product titled interactive presentation software that was developed in conjunction with promethean. Middlehigh school mathematics interactive whiteboard software. Top 10 apps, games, and websites for digging into middle school science. We also have suggestions for activities on weather and numbers. A smart board is a type of interactive whiteboard used in education to enhance teaching and learning. Read the dk reference books entirely online, then share what youve learned with your students using motivational minilessons featuring colorful powerpoint slideshows and extension activities that engage. The objective of our study is to analyze the utility and the integration of the interactive whiteboard iwb and interactive textbook into the teaching skills. All that you need is a headset or an inbuilt microphone, a home computer and an internet connection so your child can interact live and online with the tutor.

Newpath learning digital curriculum, multimedia lessons, whiteboard. The method behind the music this virtual piano allows you to play scales and intervals to help your understanding of these and other topics. Mimioconnect lesson plans for interactive whiteboards. An interactive whiteboard iwb also commonly known as interactive board or smart boards is a large interactive display in the form factor of a whiteboard. The research had as objectives the appropriation in the use of iwb features and the. Science netlinks list of tools lessons many contain interactive components. School blackboards are turning white and interactive the. Teacherled teacherled is a site dedicated to making the use of interactive whiteboards iwb easier and more productive. Online teacher store of educational materials and classroom resources for prek12 and ellesl teachers. The use of the interactive whiteboard in mathematics and. A smart board is a brand of interactive whiteboard. Find resource books, childrens literature, educational software, dvds, handson manipulatives, and other tools for teaching reading, phonics, language, math, science, social studies, health, drug prevention, special education, and early childhood. Interactive graphic organizers and printables for kids and students updated on march 10, 2017 these websites have free interactive and printable graphic organizers to help kids and students make sense of information in all subject areas and grade levels.

Impact to using newpaths science multimedia lessons on student learning perfect for individual student instruction on any computer and for classroom presentation on any interactive whiteboard, each title contains a comprehensive array of multimedia lessons and activities. Blogger danny nicholson shares his top 65 free interactive whiteboard. Jumpstart engagement with interactive whiteboard classroom. Teachers can model and students can practice letter formation in front of the entire class.

Science videos, diagrams and lessons are fun and easy to present when students use the interactive tools. Reinforce key concepts in science and social studies with unique photos and lessons. This software is compatible with all whiteboards, interactive touchscreens and pcs. See more ideas about interactive whiteboard, teaching and smart board activities. Here is a list of some great interactive whiteboard resources and activities guaranteed to stimulate learning.

Interactive sciences digital path is a complete online course featuring exciting untamed science videos, interactive art simulations, and innovative personalized learning solutions like my reading web. Killer interactive whiteboard music education resources. Helping students meet standards is an important aspect of teaching. Read the dk reference books entirely online, then share what youve learned with your students using motivational minilessons featuring colorful powerpoint slideshows and extension activities that. Incorporate readymade lesson plans, activities, and games into your science lessons on smart board, promethean, mimio or a macpc computer. Gynzy includes a wide variety of interactive science lessons, activities and games for the smart board. Interactive science grades k5 savvas learning company. Practice beginning, middle and ending sounds for 150 cvc words with this fun and engaging phonics word work game for all interactive whiteboards smartboard, promethean, mimio, tablets and computer stations. This project concerns middle and high school teachers with professional career guidance in france. Show actual clips from history, geography and biology. Scholastic scholastic provides interactive whiteboard lessons for phonics, math, science.

Finally, enjoy teachervisions dk instant expert, our teaching guides for the interactive whiteboard. This article discusses the tools, pictures, backgrounds, and online interactive whiteboard resources for the smart board. Sandra simoneaux uses an interactive whiteboard to teach math to her 3rd and 4th graders at parker elementary school in oakland, calif. The electronic interactive whiteboard is a device that combines both of these attributes, offering shared learning experiences for large or small groups, as well as for distance learning. Read the dk reference books entirely online, then share what youve learned with your students using motivational minilessons featuring colorful powerpoint slideshows and extension activities that engage students creativity. Many viewonly files have inspired my own creations for interactive whiteboard workshops and online courses. Earth science interactive whiteboard software, middle school. This is a popular set of interactive online materials for math and science education for grades 3 through 12. This product can be used on any digital whiteboard, and takes advantage of the interactive elements available through this hardware. See more ideas about interactive whiteboard, educational technology and smart board activities. Interactive whiteboard sites school town of highland.

Middle high school mathematics interactive whiteboard software. The object of this game is to quickly classify geometrical figures as two dimensional or three dimensional by dragging them in the correct basket in less than 3 minutes. Be smart using your smart board to teach science lessons. Put your interactive white board to good use by incorporating it into your morning routine. Search our extensive library of lesson plans for interactive whiteboards or share your own favorites with others. Apr 11, 2018 mostly, in an interactive whiteboard configuration the interactive whiteboard acts as a computer screen and there is a projector which is mounted on the wall or on a stand. Newpath learning middle school physical science interactive. Top interactive whiteboard apps common sense education. California teacher of the year finalist, sue holland, teaches seventhgrade science. Proven that the resources included in the program substantially increase. This is a great activity for students who need support with expected and unexpected behaviors. Openboard, the best interactive whiteboard for schools and.

Terrific websites for science common sense education. Once connected, the board acts like a large computer monitor that you drive just like a laptop, but with a touch screen capability. Have your students practice the days of the week, months of the year and special holidays using an interactive game. The use of interactive whiteboards has become commonplace in many school classrooms and training rooms.

Openboard is an open source crossplatform teaching software for interactive whiteboard designed primarily for use in schools and universities. Expert online tutors for math, science, english and test prep go beyond the textbook and develop your childs learning skills by helping them. General interactive whiteboard resources for teachers. Benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom eztalks. Display questions from a single topic or combine multiple topics and save your selections as a lesson plan. It can be used both with interactive whiteboards or in a dualscreen setup with a pentablet display and a beamer. I became interested in the boards for use in junior high class and library instruction, to the degree that my doctoral research involved interactive use of. Middle school, interactive whiteboard, mathematics, attitude, opinion 1. It lends added functionality to these devices, giving managers and teachers a varied set of tools to improve training, collaboration and learning. School counseling interactive whiteboard teachers pay teachers. It can either be a standalone touchscreen computer used independently to perform tasks and operations, or a connectable apparatus used as a touchpad to control computers from a projector. In recent decades, the interactive whiteboard iwb has become a relatively. While many teachers are spending hours a day creating their own activities for their interactive whiteboards, there are tons of free sources to help teachers learn about and use iwbs with students to further their use of technology in the classroom. Demo of a 1on1 live online tutoring lesson for middle school math video our learning technology uses an interactive whiteboard with audio and chat that is simple and easy to use.

Science social studies brainteasers teacher tools music art typing holidays spanish presentation files flash files not opening correctly plants. Find great deals on science interactive whiteboard lessons and activities at dk classroom outlet. Miscellaneous school district and university sites, links, interactive activities. Using newpaths middle school multimedia science lessons on student learning. These 11 science activities help students understand roots and stems, photosynthesis, gymnosperms, angiosperms, plants with seeds, plants without seeds, plant cells, plant adaptations, and more. Below are standardsbased lessons for elementary and middle school classrooms. Buy newpath learning middle school physical science interactive whiteboard cdrom, site license, grade 69. Using the smart board in science lessons can be motivating to students. A new way of using the interactive whiteboard in a high school. Interactive science simulations can add a fresh level of discovery and insight to your regular handson science programs, and give students the opportunity. A particular software application can be chosen for the interactive whiteboard and it becomes an interactive screen visible to all the students in the classroom. Items shipped within the contiguous 48 united states. Plattsmouth community schools does not discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, color, religion, veteran status, national or ethnic origin, marital status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, or other protected status in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the boy scouts and other designated youth groups.

This 200 slide smart notebook file has everything you need to successfully implement calendar time in your classroom using an interactive whiteboard. School counseling interactive whiteboard teachers pay. Newpath learning middle school earth science interactive. Explore this terrific websites for science top picks list of 48 tools curated by common.

Newpath learning middle school earth science interactive whiteboard cdrom. Get interactive become involved in discussions on our forums, or start your own mimio group for sharing files and ideas. Early childhood education materials free delivery possible on. An interactive whiteboard is a large lcd display that connects to a computer and a projector. Mostly, in an interactive whiteboard configuration the interactive whiteboard acts as a computer screen and there is a projector which is mounted on the wall or on a stand. Our middle school online tutors focus on teaching strategies that will improve your childs problemsolving skills. Oct 17, 2012 a student response system combined with an interactive whiteboard can bring lessons to life by giving students a handson voter experience. Interactive online tutoring how it works etutorworld. A student response system combined with an interactive whiteboard can bring lessons to life by giving students a handson voter experience. We describe how a high school physics teacher learned to use an iwb in a new way, how.

Scholastic scholastic provides interactive whiteboard lessons for phonics, math, science, and history. Science lessons and activities for the smart board gynzy. Vernier technology helps teachers as they prepare students to meet the ngss and state standards through investigations that support threedimensional learning. It isnt a whiteboard, but it is just as easy to use. Interactive whiteboard resources are a great way for teachers to engage classrooms in learning. Our ready to use content and activities offer schools very versatile elearning solutions that can be immediately implemented into any existing lesson plan. What does iwb use look like in a typical high school.

Sort figures in geometric figures game geometric figures game is an interactive smartboard math game for elementary and middle school students. Topmarks middle school level biology interactive resources. For additional information on the nih research study. Whiteboard training lessons, smart tips and techniques. By the end of this year, every school in mexico should have an interactive whiteboard. Viewboard software provides tools for effective teaching. Resources for afterschool enrichment programs and clubs best robotics. Interactive whiteboard software is extremely versatile, but is particularly useful in educational and office settings. Early childhood education materials free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Interactive whiteboard software catalog national school.

All iwb software has the same basic features, so its often possible to recreate something youve seen in your own software. Pdf interactive whiteboard use in hightech science classrooms. Stunning, high definition visuals even in welllit rooms. An interactive whiteboard has become an essential part of the modern classroom. Addon devices and software can be purchased to increase. The math playground offers interactive math activities for middle schoolers. More smart board resources west allegheny school district. Your students will love this no print activity targeting expected and unexpected behaviors. Gynzys interactive activities for smart boards interactive whiteboards are designed by teachers for teachers. Uens collection of online games for kindergarten, first and second grade students is perfect for your interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards give teachers and trainers an enormous capability in terms of the type of teaching techniques they can engage in and the kind of materials they can present as part of their teaching programs. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Perfect for use on an ipad, computer, or interactive smart board. Topmarks middle school level music interactive resources these resources are provided free for all georgia educators and other educators worldwide by the educational technology center housed at the national science center in augusta, georgia. Make your calendar time each morning engaging, interactive, meaningful, and fun by using this interactive whiteboard calendar lesson. This comprehensive site features resources to use with iwbs in math, english, and geometry. It allows teachers and students to control the computer through touching the screen. An updated website on the smart board site that allows you. And in the united kingdom, where the average is two for every school, the government is allocating more than.

Dedicated to providing the best possible instructional materials to meet the needs of students with learning differences or who are struggling to learn. Interactive whiteboard software model and practice letters the digital way. Online interactive learning and reading activities for interactive whiteboards, computer labs, and students prek8. This site also features a search engine for finding more lessons across north america. Display questions from a single topic or combine multiple topics and save your selections as a. Teachers hold the real keys to whiteboard effectiveness. See more ideas about interactive whiteboard, classroom technology, school technology.

Savvas is proud to present interactive science, a next generation k8 science program featuring an innovative writein student edition that. Stellarium this free planetarium software is perfect for astronomy lessons. Engaging morning routine activity using the interactive. Interactive graphic organizers and printables for kids and. Sheppard software fun free online learning games and activities for kids. See more ideas about interactive whiteboard, educational technology and. The multimedia tools and online resources are numerous in the primary science area.

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